IDE64 Peripherals

IDE64 and C64 peripherals

ETH64II the Ethernet card

ETH64II is a device for IDE64 which allows connect C64 into (TCP/IP) network. The device is based on LAN91C96 chip.
Unlike the CS8900a chip used in similar embedded Ethernet card solutions the LAN91C96
  • has greater internal RAM (6kB)
  • dynamic memory allocation
  • supports IRQ in 8bit mode
  • direct register addressing

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Ethernet card
SchematicETH64II Ethernet card schematic
uIP/Contiki driverDownload ETH64 driver for uIP and Contiki 1.0

DUART - dual port RS-232 interface for IDE64

DUART card is a data communication device based on 68C681 compatible chip that provides two fully independent full duplex asynchronous communication channels (RS-232). The card is industrial designed and allow user to select the 23 different standard bit rates from 50 to 115 200 bps. It can be used for all standard serial RS-232 devices. DUART is supported in the IDE-DOS to provide serial PC-Link.

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HardwareDUART RS-232 card information
DownloadExperimental PC-mouse and modem driver
Novaterm9.6 driverDownload DUART driver for Novaterm9.6
uIP driverCC65 C source driver for uIP

PC-KEYB - PC PS/2 to C64 keyboard converter

PC-KEYB card is a device which allows user to replace standard C64 keyboard with any PC PS/2 compatible keyboard. The device is based on ST M3493B2 (GM62093A) crosspoint switch and AT89C51 8-bit microcomputer.

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HardwarePC-KEYB card information
Keyboard layoutPicture with PC keyboard layout

The device bellow is in development

CPU64 card

Project implements CPU 6510 core with increased instruction set for access to 16MB address space, IDE interface SW compatible with current IDE64. Memory PEROM 512kB, RAM 512kB with the possible expansion. Real time clock chip DS1302 backed by battery and simple USB 2.0 device controller.

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SpecificationCPU64 specification draft
Block diagramCPU64 block diagram draft
SchematicCPU64 schematic draft
Instruction setCPU64 instruction set, draft

The device bellow is in development

SID II card

This small device enables user to replace SID 6582 (SID 8580) with double SID (stereo SID) solution. The second chip can be enabled anywhere in the range of addresses $d420 to $d7ff.

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SID II card
SID II addressSID II address locations
SchematicSID II card schematic
Parts listList of the components
SID II installedPicture of installed SID II

The development of the device bellow was canceled

MP3 Player for IDE64

MP3 player is a device which allows playing MP3 audio files on standard C64. The device is based on STA013 MPEG 2.5 Layer II Audio Decoder and is able to play MP3 audio files up to 128 kbit (44kHz, stereo) on standard C64 or up to 196 kbit on C64 with SuperCPU.

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MP3 Player
DownloadMP3 player software (sources)

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