Hardware stuff

All hardware devices described on this page is possible to use together with IDE64 controller

IDE64 Amiga Clock port - IDE64 V4.1 Amiga Clock port timing diagram
C64 IO addresses - C64 IO address standard
SHORT BUS - SHORT BUS information

AC 9V POWER solution for C64

DC to AC 9V power converter Commodore 64 needs AC 9V and DC +5V. This device enables you to replace original C64 power supply by usual PC +5 and +12 DC power supply without any modification of C64. It contains DC to AC converter which creates stable 50Hz 9V power for your C64.

[description] [schematics] [PCB layout] [full package]

HexCard for C64

This simple device is intended for displaying numerical value in hexadecimal form 00 to FF on the LED display, nothing more. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, please don't miss LCD DISPLAY article.
It displays one byte in hex, which you write to data register of HexCard. This register is placed into IO area #1, at address $de40. It is accessible only for writting.

Two GAL16V8 from Lattice Semiconductor are used in this construction. GAL16V8 is programmable logic, and must be programed in GAL programmer (equations and JEDEC files are included together with schematics in package).

[HexCard schematics] [HexCard full package]

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