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IDE64 Project sites

  1. IDE64 News

    Up to date IDE64 news
  2. Warez IDE64 site

    Download apps, games, PC tools, ROMs, docs
  3. IDEDOS download site

    Download the IDE Disk Operating System for the IDE64 cartridge
  4. IDE64 google group

    Discuss IDE64 related topics with IDE64 users, post and read the messages


  5. Audio CD Player for the IDE64

    User friendly CDROM audio CD player with keyboard, mouse and joystick control.
  6. C64 XLFiles

    A big collection of Commodore 64 games, demos and magazines for download. Every archive contains files that are directly usable on a C64 (preferably IDE64), no need for futher file conversion or extraction.
  7. Singular browser v0.5

    Graphical web browser for C64/C128.
  8. GunZip.c64

    Decompresses both ZIP & GZIP compressed files. Works with IDE64, supports IDE64 block read and write.

    Operating systems

  9. Contiki

    Contiki is an open source, highly portable, multi-tasking operating system for networked memory-constrained networked embedded systems. Get: 'Contiki 2.4 binary release for Retrocomputing'
  10. Geos booted from geos.d64 on IDE64

    Geos is now bootable from a .d64 on IDE64. The demo with with geolink and a loader can be get from:
  11. LUnix The next generation

    LNG is an preemptive multitasking operationg system primarly for the good old Commodore64 home-computer.
  12. WiNGs

    WiNGs is a modern Operating System for the Commodore 64 and 128 Computers. It is 16-bit, and multi-tasking, and requires a CMD SuperCPU. Needs IDE64 V3.x with IDEDOS V.8x

    Additional hardware

  13. X-Pander 3 Slot Cartridge Port Expander

    The X-Pander 3 opens up a wealth of expansion options for your Commodore 64, SX64, C128, or C128D. Utilize multiple cartridges at once, or easily switch cartridges without removal. 3 individually-selectable expansion ports.
  14. RR-Net Ethernet interface

    The RR-Net by individual Computers plugs into the expansion port of the IDE64 V4.1, and allows the C64 to connect to a local network.
  15. MP3@64 MP3 player

    Your C64 plays back MP3 files in CD quality! MP3@64 by individual Computers is an expansion for the meanwhile discontinued MMC64. It also fits onto the new IDE64 V4.1.


  16. The VICE Emulator

    VICE is a program that runs on a PC platform, emulating the old 8-bit computers. Since VICE 1.10, the C64 part can emulate IDE64. Read how to enable IDE64 emulation in VICE.
  17. PCLink (ideservd) for OSX

    Idesevd 0.24 has been compiled on OSX, the source needed a bit of tweaking to compile on the macbook.
  18. SD_IDE64

    SD_IDE64 is the original, full-featured command line tool for accessing IDE64 formatted media on un*x. Both reads and writes are supported for old IDEDOS V.8x filesystem version. For IDEDOS V.90 there is an another project, please read the following tutorial.


  19. RUSH demo by Singular [alternative]

    It's a wild demo released at Breakpoint 2008. It runs on a stock C64 + IDE64 and features the worldfirst 25fps fullscreen animation on the breadbox. Music: DaFunk, Animation: Poison, Code: Soci, additional help: Leon & Cargo.
  20. Goattracker SID slave

    A commodore 128 with IDE64 and USB interface running as a SID slave for patched Goattracker
  21. IDE64 and the 1541u together

    IDE64 and 1541u working together. The expansionport expander is an active switch with 74LS245 chips. This makes it possible to use both expansioncards together. With the MANager from IDE64 one can use the mounted *.D64 image on 1541 ultimate.
  22. The Packet Sniffers episode 3

    Independently produced TV show focusing on computers and technology. IDE64 Review.

    Various resources

  23. IDE64 on Wikipedia

    The IDE64 interface cartridge is an expansion port device for connecting ATA(PI) devices to the C64 or C128 computers.
  24. IDE Harddrive on Commodore64

    So far i have attached a 8 Gb harddrive, cdrom and 10 mbit ethernet card, this article is mostly to show off my machine, but could also be used as an inspiration for others, but ill go through everything step by step.
  25. IDE64 Tips and Tricks

    I've thought up or collected several little tips and tricks for it, and have now gathered them onto this webpage. Check back for new tips, or let me know if you have any cool IDE64 tips to add. (related to obsolete IDEDOS V.8x)


IDE64 V4.1

IDE64 V3.x



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