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This page contains original software inteneded for IDEDOS V.8x, for IDEDOS V.90 please use following links: 1 2 3

IDE64 UtilityDescription
IDEformat Formats a disk for use with IDE64 (obsolete; for Idedos V.8x and older only)
ScanDisk IDE64 disk analysis and repair tool for C64/128
IDEmonitor IDE harddisk drive monitor utility
NEW 80 chars text viewer, Mpic viewer and SHI viewer for Manager (incl. sourcecode)
Another set of mpic, hpic, drp, fli, afli, ifli and fun plugins by Soci/SGR
PC-Link server Win95/98 - serial and parallel version for IDE64-DOS V.894 and higher (for Vdedos V.90 use Ideservd
PC-Link server Win9x,2000,NT,XP - serial version for IDE64-DOS V.894 and higher
PC-Link server Win9x (parallel) and Win9x,2000,NT,XP (serial) version for IDE64-DOS V.894 and higher
Open PC-Link
OpnPC-Link Win
NEW PC-Link server for Linux (sourcecode) for IDE64-DOS V.894 and higher
NEW PC-Link server precompiled parallel version for Win NT,2000,XP for IDE64-DOS V.894 and higher
PEROM 64kB programming tool and information (for upgrading firmware in IDE64)
CD Player CD audio player (incl. sourcecode)
MusicPlayer Music player - player for all SID tracker musics
SIDPlayer SID player - player for SID musics
Recompiler Omikron Re-ass - machine code recompiler patched for HDD
Copy Turbo 250 tape to HDD copier
HDD recording Utility for playing and recording sampled sound directly from/to hard disk drive
Raw2shi Convertor from RAW image format to SuperHires 96x200 pixels / 8 colors (incl. sourcecode)
Read_d64 D64 extractor can extract files from D64 file (incl. sourcecode)
T64extractor T64 extractor can extract files from T64 file (created by Soci/SGR)
PerfMon Hard disk drive filesystem speed measurement tool
HDDSpd Hard disk drive speed measurement tool

Games incl.patch Patches only DescriptionNote
Oil Imperium Oil Imperium Oil Imperium (reLINE software) (incl. sourcecode)
Ultima I Ultima I patch for Ultima I (Origin Systems) Info
Hollywood P.Pro Hollywood Poker Pro Hollywood Poker Pro (reLINE software)
3 Stooges 3 Stooges 3 Stooges (Cinemaware software) (incl. sourcecode)
Last Ninja 1 Last Ninja 1
IndianaJones Indiana Jones 4
Defender of the Crown Defender of the Crown
HotRod HotRod (Sega, 1988)
Duck Tales (Fixed by BigFoot/BreeZe)
Lemmings (Fixed by BigFoot/BreeZe)
Street Rod (Fixed by BigFoot/BreeZe)
Flimbo's Quest (Fixed by BigFoot/BreeZe)
The Train: Escape to Normandy (Fixed by BigFoot/BreeZe)
North & South Infogrames (fix. incl. sourcecode)

Other SoftwareDescription
Turboassembler TurboAssembler - fixed for using with IDE64
MemFreezer The MemFreezer - freezes memory form $0c00-$ffff to HDD (by HackZ0id of Siders)
Funpaint funpaint - well known fli-interlace graphic editor, patched for IDE64 (beta release)
SHIE SHIE - Super Hires Interlace Editor (96x200 pixels / 8 colors), patched for IDE64
64erHTMLviewer HTML viewer fixed for IDE64
Anim Player V0.3 4x4 pixel full screen (80x50) animation player (incl. sourcecode)
ACE16 software This archive contains 'strings' and 'diff' commands (incl.sources for CC65)
ACE#16 distribution Full distribution of ACE#16 (Unix like OS) configured for IDE64
Sequencer sequencer - utility for creating digitized music from more patterns (non HDD version)
PrLink v0.9.9_patched PrLink - file transfer system patched by Lion/KMP for maximum IDE64 performance

Development ToolsDescription
IDE64_Fix Win and DOS tool for checking IDE64 incompatible (I/O) calls in the C64 programs

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